Dumpling Rin ♥

Love, is when you look at her, you find your world… #fullhousethai #aomike

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Addicted to #fullhousethai #aomike

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Yuki posted this photo on Weibo with caption: morning!! HongKong magazine “CHEER”
We’re waiting for u guys with love and supporting :x

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Look into my eyes, can you feel my heart?…
#congratulation #KhunFany

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Girl group SNSD’s Tiffany(25) and 2PM’s Nichkhun(26) have fallen in love. The two American citizens were friends that could lean on each other while working in Korea, and it has been confirmed that they have been dating for 4 months since the end of last year. There were…

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JeTi @ HEC Vietnam

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By Oh-Taeny

Congratulation my girls :)

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Itazura na Kiss is back! I almost cried when saw the photo that Yuki posted on his Weibo with part 2 of Itazura na Kiss. Yuki and Miki, we wait for you two ╭(╯ε╰)╮

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Loving the way you smile :)

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You are an angel, and that’s the point

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